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Berrima Diesel Service Berrima Diesel Service

About Us:

Why Berrima Diesel?

  • Australia's premier 4WD diesel performance tuning and turbocharging centre.
  • Providing expertise and specialized personal service.
  • Our experience is unsurpassed as daily we work on vehicles from all over Australia.
  • 4WD dyno for testing and tuning.
  • Fuel injection performance tuning.

How we can help you?

  • Excessive smoking, surging or lack of power trouble shooting for all diesel 4WDs.
  • Electronic diesels catered for.
  • Factory turbo power enhancements.
  • Diesel performance tuning.
  • Australia's leading turbo systems specialists.
  • Diesel injector and pump repair and servicing.

Proud member of:


Association of Diesel Specialists

The Australian 4WD Industry Council


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association


Performance, Racing & Tuning Council


Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers