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What is DPCHIP:

DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines. Individual programming and re-mapping of the engine management system enables this simple to fit device to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%. DPChip alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains

Inside the DPCHIP:

DPCHIP is protected by a Heavy Duty Vibration and Water Resistant ABS plastic molded housing. The control board Utilized compact surface mounted processor technology. The DPCHIP utilizes Dual processors (model depending) that control multiple channels digitally. All connection pins are Gold plated. We are so confident in the reliability of DPCHIP that we offer a class beating 6 year product warranty.


Depending on the application more than 90% of DPCHIPs sold are simple Plug & Play using OEM plugs to connect safely to your vehicles existing wiring. These systems generally take under 20 minutes to install. Some older model Diesels may require a wire-in harness to be installed. These systems may take an hour to install.

How does DPCHIP Tune?

Each DPCHIP tunes with digital accuracy adding additional information to your engines original signals. The DPCHIP works with the vehicles computer to further fine tune the fuel and timing of the engine for more Power and torque. This increased power band can lead to safer driving and potentially better economy.


The result will vary from vehicle to vehicle but the main ‘seat of the pants’ difference will be a wider Power Band resulting in slightly lighter throttle needed.


Your vehicles existing engine Safety Modes are left ‘intact’ so you can rest assured your vehicles engine is safe. DPCHIP is the ONLY tuning Module to offer a “Factory Backed Engine and Driveline Warranty” on vehicles still covered by their own Factory Warranty. Supported by the Australia’s Diesel Experts you can rest assured of your engines safety.


60 Day Money Back ‘No Questions’ Money Back Guarantee

6 Year DPCHIP Product Warranty

Factory Backed Engine and Driveline Warranty for the duration of the vehicles existing Factory Warranty.

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Some information to consider when further modifying your EFI Diesel.

Snorkel:- Whilst a snorkel is "said" to have air flow benefits, these benefits are generally 'plausible'. The Electronic engine management system on the engine will make minute adjustments "if" airflow is to change. So on modern EFI controlled Diesels its best to consider a snorkel more for crossing deep water than for the 'possible' air flow benefits.

DPCHIP adjustment needed- DPCHIP would not need adjusting.

Exhaust upgrade:- The benefits of an exhaust upgrade vary dramatically between vehicle models. Generally speaking though, less exhaust gas back pressure allows more exhaust gas flow, particularly at higher engine RPM. A larger exhaust will generally mean the turbo spins up a little quicker and, vehicle dependant, the turbo boost may even peak a few PSI higher than normal.

DPCHIP adjustment needed- Not a necessity but one could adjust the DPCHIP up 1 point to make benefit from this changed exhaust gas flow.

Note about exhaust upgrades:- When upgrading an exhaust system be sure to install a catalytic Converter if the original exhaust system included one. To leave this integral component out of the new system may lead to turbo boost fault codes. ALL our exhaust systems come with catalytic Converter where applicable.

Intercooler upgrade:- The benefits of an intercooler upgrade will vary between vehicle models. Generally speaking though, it will increase the available oxygen to the engine. A proper 'Bar & Plate" type intercooler upgrade will cool the inlet air temperature more efficiently than the standard intercooler and allow a more dense charge of air into the engine. More air means we can burn more fuel for more power.

DPCHIP adjustment needed- Not a necessity but one could adjust the DPCHIP up 1 or 2 points to make benefit of the increased oxygen available to burn.