Diagnostic Dilemma

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If we all headed off on a trip together and our “State of the Art” Common Rail Diesels broke down, I’d say I’d be more worried than you. Reason being; I understand how hard it is now days to self diagnose a problem on a modern EFI controlled Diesel. Whilst you are thinking about how the next piece of fencing wire can be used to operate the throttle I would know that there is no throttle cable in our new Diesels so we’re stuck!

There is a good and bad side to new technology electronics. They are generally very reliable for many years but when something does play up you need special equipment to diagnose and possibly fix them. Luckily diagnostic technology for the end user is getting better too and you can now easily self diagnose a problem with your new common rail Diesel. Generally found under the dashboard of your vehicle, the OBDII port is a small plug that allows access to the engine management system. Another lucky fact is there are small gadgets you can buy that plug into this port. Generally called Data Scanning devices, once plugged into this diagnostic port they can read out and reset any faults that may be present. By getting this information you are far closer to getting out of where you are stuck than dreaming about the rescue crew arriving.

Along with the ability to point out a fault to you, Data Scanning devices can also read loads of other info out to you such as Engine Load, Charging Voltage or even km/l fuel used info. 

With new Diesels all running engine management, I say it’s a must have device that will give some help and control back to the driver and save you a packet on reset charges. To find this out you need a diagnostic tool and the EDS (Engine Data Scan) is a good one at that. For information about EDS, please go visit www.enginedatascan.com

Safe Travels

Andrew Leimroth

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