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While it seems normal for us, towing in Australian conditions is something that no Japanese or European engineer could quite comprehend. The fact our tow rigs and vans total on average at around 5 tons, or well over, is again something the manufacturers say they allowed for but really didn’t believe would happen to their computer designed rigs. This said, we can thank the raft of well-engineered Australian accessories for allowing these weights to be towed more safely and easily.

After all the weight is added and the suspension is modified to make the towing safer and easier, the most common area for improvement is the engine’s power. When it comes to power gains it should also be considered that serious tow rigs are running at their peak power output more often. Adding a performance chip or module is the first step to increasing power as it actually tunes the diesel engine. It’s the sort of item that should be a simple Plug N’Play and needs to be backed up by serious warranties. When plugged in, the performance chip will easily add more power and torque across the engine range.

What you need to consider, though, is that it must be from a reputable manufacturer that bases its tuning experience on the “Tune Safely” theory.

The next common add-on in the power gain area is an exhaust. Whilst on some model vehicles an exhaust system may not add much more power, overall an exhaust upgrade builds in a safety net for the engine during heavy towing conditions. When we tow we sustain engine load at times in the 80-100% range. These extended periods at high engine loads allow peak temperatures to build that we might never normally see happen. Getting rid of this heat build-up quicker via a wellengineered exhaust upgrade will mean you can sustain these extended load periods with more peace of mind.

Upgrading engine power with a chip and exhaust system should be seriously considered if your days are spent towing. The need for one of these items or both can be decided by chatting with your diesel expert.

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