DiD Pajero Fuel Filtration

Posted by Michael 10/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Q & A,


Hi Andrew, I was hoping for your advice on the best setup for my 4WD. It’s a 3.2L DiD Pajero that I have built to do the hot lap around Australia in. I’m a bit worried, though, because I have read about these engines being sensitive to poor quality fuel. I want to add at least one aftermarket fuel filter but I’m not sure which side of the factory fuel filter I should put it. I also want something that’s serviceable out in the bush, or at least something that’s extremely easy to come by filters for. What do you reckon?

Clyde Hamilton,
Bunbury, WA


Hi Clyde,
Not knowing if it’s the earlier DiD or the later DiD common rail Diesel I would suggest you consider fitting a filter like the good old Lucas 296 Glass Bowl type you may have seen in the magazines before. If it’s the CRD later model then you will have to fit something that will filter finer than that down to around 2 Micron. We do have other options for the CRD engines. In answer to ‘where do you fit one?’ I suggest that you stick with only ONE filter replacment as the addition of more filters can potentially reduce the fuel flow required by the fuel pump for cooling (rates as high as 9 litres recirculated back to the fuel tank to 1 litre burnt are normal for fuel circulation rates). You could install a very coarse 30 or 50 Micron fuel pre-filter but only of a pre-filter design again to try and keep fuel flow moving.