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Listen to this video and learn some simple ownership pointers about DPFs

We currently own 3x DPF equipped Diesels in our Diesel Family inventory so here's some pointers direct from an owner. 

Have a listen to this quick video. We've just driven our Mercedes Viano CRDi (with DPF) for 45 minutes on the highway and another 15 minutes through 80km/h and 60km/h zones and pulled up to park. 

The Clicking noise you can hear is a pretty loud indicator of very hot metal cooling down. The long device I've focused the camera on is the DPF filter. The clicking noise is coming from it. 
The DPF was definately doing a burn and we've stopped so it's now cooling down. 
I hear this noise fairly rarely in our Mercedes van but interestingly  more commonly in our Holden Captiva CRDi (with DPF). 

If you ever hear this noise now you'll know what it is.

What do we recommend as KEY advice for owners of DPF equipped Diesels. 

Really Simple:- 

-Regular Servicing! 

- Change the engine oil regularly with 10,000km being the limit. Remember when a DPF is doing a 'Regen burn' the system is injecting wet Diesel on the exhaust cycle which defiantly leads to Diesel fuel contamination of the engine oil.

- Use an oil with an SAE viscosity to suit our Climate so in Oz that means you'll be looking for a 40 weight oil. 10W40 or 15W40. We don't see - 30'C in Australia so think twice about using cool climate spec oils. 

- Fit a Proper Oil Fumes Catch Can System. Keeping recirculated oil fumes from burning back through the engine and shooting up the DPF. Keeping oiley Fumes and EGR soots from clogging up the inlet. A choked up inlet means poor air flow and possible rich combustion leading to excess soots the DPF cops. 

- Everytime we service a DPF equipped Diesel we do a 'Forced DPF Regeneration Burn'. This process takes anywhere from 40-60 mins to perform. This ensures the customer starts his next service interval with a freshly clean DPF. This will ensure a long reliable and fuel efficient run before the DPF starts to do its own short burns during normal driving. 

4WDriving reminder:-
- The chance your DPF is doing a burn when off-roading is pretty remote. If it is, and you hear the noises like this video, always be aware when in heavy scrub and grass. A hot DPF could ignite crisp dry grass so be aware is the best bet. 

If your having DPF problems. Before you spend $$$ Thousands $$$ contact us here at Berrima Diesel.

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