Don’t Forget the Older Diesels

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With new 'smart' electronically controlled diesels taking over the market, are older diesels still king?

“Catch up to another car on cruise control and it adapts to the same speed, Drift out of a lane and it rings an alarm. Forget you headlights and on they come at dusk.Come to a big hill and it selects the right gear and powers up the hill with apparent ease while doing it all on the smell of an oily rag.” These are some of the fruits you’ll find on modern 4WD Diesel , but what happened to the technology of DIY driving and repair? 

Well it’s still around and it’s cheaper than ever to buy, repair and service. Older Diesels are still popping up for sale and are worth thinking about if you’re heading Outback to remote destinations. The old technology is short on electrics and it’s this area (smart electronics) that has become the nightmare for some late model 4WD Diesel owners. With an Older Diesel you get a simple easy to start engine. If it’s hard to start, it’s usually a glow plug. If it coughs and splutters up a hill, it’s usually a dirty fuel filter. It’s these simplicities that give the Older Diesels a distinct advantage when something goes wrong.

Look at the major repair areas, and the cost associated with repairs, and the difference becomes even more obvious. Injector repairs for Older Diesels can cost what just a single injector is to throw away and replace in a new Diesel. Injector pump repair and calibration in an Older Diesel costs about what it is to repair a simple supply pump on a new CRDi Diesel.
The list goes on and as much as there may be a love or hate for Old School Diesels, they are still around, plodding along and as strong as ever.
If you’re thinking about making the choice to go ‘Old Technology’, make sure you get your Diesel Expert to check it over before you buy it. Some simple pointers on what to do with your new old Diesel will help you continue many years of solid service by an reliable old Diesel.

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