Engine Oil Flush Safety

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With the number of new Diesel vehicles using long oil change drain intervals ever increasing, there is a higher chance than ever of sludge building up in the engine. Oil changes in modern Diesels are recommended out to 10,000km, 15,000km or even some brands recommend 20,000km for an oil change. Various engine pollution systems are placing more and more demand on the ability of the engine oil to do its job efficiently. Pollution control systems like EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and DPF (Diesel particulate filter) are making life harder for engine oil. EGR is prone to choking the engine with additional carbons which are more prone to slipping past the piston rings into the oil. The DPF regeneration cycle can further pollute the engine oil with raw Diesel fuel and eventually lead to an increase in oil level if unmonitored.

These situations will eventually lead to high contamination of the engine oil that is looking after and lubricating your engines bearings etc. It also allows carbons to stay circulating around the engine allowing carbon sludge to build up. Coupled with, at times, less than 5 to 7 oil changes in 100,000km (15,000km service intervals or longer for a number of new Diesels) and you end up with sludge building up in your engine. This isn’t the end of your Diesel and it can be easily cleaned up by following this simple added service step.

At 100,000km, change the engine oil and filter while the engine is hot. At 101,000km change the engine oil and filter again. This short interval with nice clean oil will allow a safe flush of your engine. Return back to your normal service interval after that.

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