So you think your Intercooler is working?

Posted by Michael 12/04/2017 0 Comment(s)

You've seen our previous videos exposing how useless Top mount Intercoolers without fans are. (If not visit our facebook or youtube pages and watch them)

Well here's some facts and here's a really basic test to show it. Look at the laser thermometer temps. They start cool and after a number of 11 second dyno runs they end hotter.

Test Rig:- Toyota LC70 V8 CRD

Test Bed:- Mainline 4WD dyno. Massive dyno fan.

Test 1:

37.5' C on the Hot side

36.8'C on the Cool side

Test 2:

62.1' C on the Hot side

49.1'C on the Cool side

Test 3:

77.3' C on the Hot side

85.0'C on the Cool side

Test 4:

85.9' C on the Hot side

93.1'C on the Cool side

Now by the time we get to to Test 4 and an Intercooler outlet temperature of just 85.9'C, the engine power has dropped 20kW. That's nearly a 20% Power Loss once the Intercooler heats up. Imagine towing a big load up a mountain range with low road speed and low air flow. No wonder we get customers coming in saying, "my rig feels like its dragging its tail when I’m towing up hills or on hot days". No wonder.

-Why does this happen?

Being a Fanless top mounted Intercooler, the manufacturer knows it won't be doing much once it warms up. So the factory have an temperature sensor on the outlet of the Intercooler. Once the intercooler starts getting warm, the ECU will start detuning the engine. Less power means things stay safe but the downside is you can be losing 20% of your engine power right when you need it.

-So how do you fix this?

Give your Diesel half a chance by installing a pair of Intercooler Fans on the top of the Intercooler.

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