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How many times have you thought that your rig just isn’t going like it used to? Well it’s amazing how many 4WDs we see in our shop that seem to have lost power over time. Once run on the dyno we see results that align with what the customer is suspecting and that there is some power loss when compared to an average of same vehicle runs. It’s always a good thing to have your Diesel 4WD checked for its state of tune now and then.

Older non common rail Diesels we would usually recommend to be checked and tuned every 100,000km. These simple Diesels pretty much had a fuel pump and injectors and so not many things to go wrong. For common rail Diesels we actually recommend a simpler form of inspection and tune and that can be as regular as every 50,000km.

Common Rail Diesels have a raft of sensors and components all working to keep the engine running in tune. Its this complexity that we see power loss hinging from areas as simple as a dirty sensor. Sensors rarely break and usually slowly become inaccurate due to gunk build up on them with time. This is where spot cleaning of plugs and sensors can help your Common Rail Diesel.

Reliability is key when travelling off-road and preventative inspections and repairs are a worthwhile item to add to your vehicle’s regular maintenance list. If you want to be sure your rig isnt running wearing ‘worn shoes’, you might want to contact your Diesel Expert to get it checked out and tuned if needed.

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