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It’s something you really need to know when you are having your Diesel engine tuned up for more power. I’ve been in this scene for 30 years now and have seen many changes to Diesel engine technology. That said, the one thing that hasn’t changed is how a Diesel works. The rest though has changed a lot. 30 years ago you asked your local mechanic where you could go to get your Diesel tuned while nowadays your local mechanic can plug in a harness to your vehicle and upload a tune. Whilst this seems to have made Diesel tuning experts appear more commonplace, it has probably opened up more of a can of worms than one would expect through many inexperienced mechanics being able to access and tune of the trusty Diesel. What you need to consider when getting ready to have your Diesel tuned is how much experience the tuner really has when it comes to Diesel engines. The very simple nature of how Diesel fuel burns means the engine’s tune is prone to being set incorrectly. Incorrectly meaning far too powerful for its own safety.

Diesel tuning and engine safety has been hijacked of recent years by high profile marketing campaigns when in reality it cannot replace experience when seriously talking about tuning Diesels. Whether it be an old school tune on your Nissan TD42, or a modern tune using a chip, module or ECU reflash upgrade on your Hilux D4D, be aware and ask “Who is tuning my Diesel?”

Just remember that your Diesel engine is a low maintenance engine. Keep up regular engine oil and filter changes and it will look after you. When it comes to getting it tuned correctly, seek out an experienced Diesel Expert that can tune the engine with long life and safety in mind.

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