Fuel Adapter:

Fuel Adapter

The Diesel Experts Cav Adapter fuel filter Assembly provides greater fuel injection pump protection at a significantly reduced cost when compared to almost every factory fitted fuel filter. This system allows you to use readily available CAV fuel filters instead of the expensive 'manufacturer branded' fuel filters saving you money but providing the same high level of protection against contaminated fuel.

The modern rotary fuel injection pump is lubricated by the fuel passing through it. The greater the level of contaminants (water & particles) in the fuel the faster the pump wears, eventually leading to an expensive injection pump rebuild. This improved filtration combined with the added bonus of a water and sediment sight bowl result in greater pump & injector protection.

The cost of the replacement CAV filter cartridge can be as little as 1/10th the cost of the factory fuel filter, so the assembly often pays for itself in the first few filter changes, ignoring the future cost savings related to the extended life of the pump and injectors.

The CAV cartridge is readily available and is often used on farm machinery, earthmoving equipment, transport, stationary & marine engines. The CAV Adapter is fitted using the original filter head, hand primer, brackets and plumbing.


The Supplementary Assembly is usually fitted in line before the factory fuel filter.

This adaptor allows fuel to travel to the bottom glass water and sediment trap first, so you can see any contaminants at a glance and drain them off before they reach the filter.

The cost and availability of replacement filters are two good reasons to change to this filtration system. It will pay for itself within the first few filter changes.

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