Included in the kit

Loose in BoxBaggedProvent Fitting Kit Bag
1 x Mann + Hummel Provnet 1502 x 19mm 90 Joiners2 x M8 x 25 Bolts
1 x Mounting Bracket2 x 19mm Clamps4 x M8 Flat Washers
2 x 650mm of 19mm Hose4 x Cable Ties2 x M8 Spring Washers
1 x 65mm of 19mm Hose1 x M8 Nut2 x M8 Stainless Steel Nuts
Diesel Fuel FilterProvent Drain Kit Bag
1 x 1000mm of 12mm Hose
1 x Drain Tap Assembly
2 x 12-20mm Hose Clamps

Why do you need an additional fuel filter?

Current production diesel engines are equipped with high pressure electronically controlled injection systems. More than ever before, fuel quality and cleanliness is critical to the reliability of these highly advanced fuel injection systems. Designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel, the FUEL MANAGER Filtration System is simply the best protection you can give your modern Diesel Fuel Injection system to avoid severe damage and expensive repairs. The FUEL MANAGER is most effectively installed as an additional filter to the original equipment filter to ensure your diesel injection system is protected. Due to the wide and varied range of cartridge sizes and micron ratings, they may be plumbed as a primary or a secondary filter. You should replace these filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The versatile Diesel Fuel Filtration / Water Separation System offers:

The fuel filtration and water separation needs of today's new generation diesel fuel systems demand extremely high efficiency, flexibility, multiple functions and ease of use with no risk of fuel spills or contaminated parts. Stanadyne's patented Fuel Manager® range of combination fuel filter/water separators meets these demanding requirements, and Fuel Manager systems have been specified as original equipment by over 60 different manufacturers, and are used on hundreds of different machines powered by diesel engines. Available for light, medium and heavy duty trucks; and agricultural, industrial, construction and marine applications, there is a Fuel Manager Series to meet any condition.

FM100 Series

  • Max fuel flow (inc. return flow) 300 Litres/hour
  • Particulate Filter Efficiency up to 99% @ 30 microns
  • Water Separation Up to 98% efficiency

The FM 100 Series consists of a cast aluminum mounting header, with a choice of threaded ports of almost any configuration up to M16 x 1.5 'O' ring in size. "Push-in" quick fit connectors can also be specified, making fuel line connections easy, quick, and less costly. The filter elements interface with the header using a patented "Key Track" system, which, like the FM 10 Series, is designed to ensure that only the correct, genuine service element can be installed on the header.

Details about the optional water scan feature:

For TOTAL Peace of Mind against water damage to your expensive Diesels fuel injection system you can consider the easy to use optional Water Scan option for your Pre-filter system. The optional Water Scan including Water Alert Buzzer is a simple ‘wire in’ system. The Original drain plug is unscrewed and the optional water scan sensor is screw in place of it. A simple plug system connects the electronics and after some small wire in connections are made for the supply power to operate the unit its ready to go.

Oil separator for closed and open crankcase ventilation

ProVent is a system for crankcase ventilation with integrated oil separation and pressure control which reduces the emissions of vehicles and deposits in the intake section to a minimum.

The ProVent series separates the blow-by gases containing oil which result during fuel combustion by means of an oil separating element, therefore reducing the residual oil content of the gas to a minimum level.

The ProVent systems mainly consist of an oil separating element, a pressure control system and, depending on the model, an overpressure or a bypass valve.

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    For Non DPF vehicles, fitment in store only    

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