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Wrong Fuel Filter Advice Damages Your Diesel - Not All Diesel Specialists are Experts.

Yet again we see another wrongly installed Diesel Fuel Filter system. An additional 2 micron Final filter installed AFTER the Genuine Fuel filter is just Plain WRONG. This install is seen here on a Toyota Prado D4D.

This additional filter was advised by a well know Diesel company that sell these kits that this install setup is the best.... Even though it goes against the install guide of Stanadyne who make the additional filter.

Here are some points to seriously consider when thinking about an additional fuel filter for your Diesel.

- Firstly....if in doubt, changing the the Genuine filter every time you change the engines oil filter is Best Practice. This would probably equate to every 10 to 15 thousand km.

- In example of the installation on this Toyota.... the Genuine Toyota fuel filter system is extremely reliable and contains some very jazzy sensors. Installing another filter AFTER the Original filter now means the Factory restriction sensor won't work. This means any restrictions from this added wrongly installed filter won't be known and can restrict return fuel flow inhibiting safe fuel cooling.

- Filters are used to strain out levels of contamination and so the correct installation would be to add a 150 or 30 micron Pre-filter before the Original Final/Main filter.

-Manufacturers like Bosch and Denso, who manufacture the injector systems AND supply the fuel filters for your vehicles, state that particles above 2 microns are damaging to the injector components. In other words their filters that are supplied correctly match you injector system. In common rail that would mean the factory filter is already filtering down to 2 micron.


- If you take a look at the 3rd image you will see a clear statement from Stanadyne, who make these filter systems, saying that " ONLY in a single filter installation use a 2 or 5 micron filter". In other words you must only use 1 Pre-filter and 1 Final filter NOT an extra 2 or 5 micron filter on top of the factory fitted filter.

In summary, we would have to say that there is far too much misinformation floating around about the installation of additional fuel filter. Information that has been promoted by Diesel companies that should know better. Perhaps these Diesel specialists need to go back to school.

Whatever the case. Here are the facts. Base your decisions on these.

If in doubt or feeling confused by the conflicting stories out there then we always say, "just change your Original filter regularly".

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