Just want to give you and your team a big rap, it was a real pleasure to deal with such a professional team who knows what their talking about.Judy and I hadn’t gone too far down the road and we almost said together the car sounds different, much quieter, smoother and seemed to pull the camper trailer much better.So once again it was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you and will be telling everyone about you and my experience there over the last couple of days.
David Dansie
Thanks for installing the DPCHIP today. I've talked about having it installed over the years - should have done it sooner...Traveled down from Campbelltown today, bit of a headwind, sat on 100 km per hour, computer showed 13.6 litres per 100 km.On the trip home, tailwind, sat on 100 - 120 km per hour, computer showed 7.6 litres per 100 km.Even allowing for the difference in terrain and wind direction, it was a big difference - much more than I expected. Can't wait to see how we go with the van on the back.
Gary Hudson
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the help and professionalism of you and your sales staff. I rang and ordered a Provent kit for our 76 Series Landcruiser yesterday afternoon and it was delivered early this morning. It is so refreshing to speak with sales people who have good product knowledge as well as providing good customer service, both of which are sadly lacking in many businesses in modern society. Thanks again and please thank the gentleman who assisted me with the purchase yesterday afternoon. Kind Regards
Dave Smallbone
DPCHIP and service done today by Berrima Diesel Service - The Diesel Experts on my Triton couldn't be happier. Can notice the power difference straight away, also all the staff were very helpful and friendly. Cant recommend them enough. Catch Can is next.
Mark Anthony
Hi Andrew. Just want to thank you and your team for your Services to my vehicle during my recent visit. I am back on the Gold Coast via Mudgee and can report the truck ran beautifully. The performance and smoothness of the engine very noticeable. Thank you.
Wayne Bland
Hello Berrima Diesel, My order arrived in today’s mail. What excellent service. When it stops raining I’ll put it on. Thank you very much,
Thanks to Andrew and the boys at Berrima diesel for the work done on my collie, the results of these mods are astounding thanks again
Rob Kosztka
Just want to say a big thankyou to your team. My triton was well serviced and you worked it all in with my partner as she had things to do just want to says thanks again great job.
Trevor Dodd
I just sold my 80 toyota fitted with a turbo and never had one ounce of trouble pull my caravan every where very happy with this company
Les May
Thanks for the work on my Toyota LC 100 series. Truck is running beautifully. What a change it has made. Actually pulls like a train up a hill now.
Jeff Mcgrath
I had a fuel injection System service done with you on the 19th September, invoice number 9961.
I just wish to let you know that the Nissan 4WD is running absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for your knowledge and service.
We'll see you again soon for some other work.
Paul Sutton
I got a plug and go and a dpchip in my 2013 d22 navara 2.5 now i can tow my van man thanks dpchip.
Len Woodley
I love my 94 2.8 4runner berrima diesel put a dts turbo kit on it at 75,000 it now has 320,000 and no sign of dying. and injectors motor pump ect... all cheper then moden diesels . ( not the fastest 4x4 on the road but its not ment to be )
Dan Sly
You fellas got my parents nissan civilian TD42 motor/bus running like a gem a few weeks back. Thanks a lot!
Chad Nelson
Just a quick email for you and the guys at Berrima Diesel Service to say thank you very much for all your help and the professional service I received, I am very impressed and extremely happy with the vehicles performance.
I'll be sending all my vehicles down for you guys to maintain.
Gavan Clarke
Mechanical Engineer
Gavan Clarke
Hi Andrew,
After having my Prado chipped by you it performed extremely well driving back to the West however as the Prado couldn't legally tow our new van we brought our 100 series L/C Sahara to you to do the 3” exhaust, Chip and dyno tune well mate thanks the car runs better that the 200 series I drove, you and your team do a fantastic job and I would recommend Berrima Diesel which I have to any and all I met. Unfortunately you are too far from me to have you service my car but when I am in NSW again I will certainly have you guys service and tune my vehicle.
Again thanks Andrew and have a Merry Christmas.
Peter Harrington
Peter Harrington
Really the best way to improve the performance of a Diesel engine... is to take it to Berrima Diesel Service with your wish list and let the professionals tell you what can and can't be done... Simple....
Alan Joyce
Alan Joyce
A very early good morning. I came in yesterday to get a DPCHIP 3"" exhaust and dyno.
Just want to say not even been a full day but already can feel and see the awesome power I already have.
Driving to work through Kiama bends and the hills and Gerringong hills all in 5th gear and not even loosing rev's or speed.
Want to thank you Andrew and the team for really doing an awesome job
Thanks Berrima diesel.
Shannon Wurst
Shannon Wurst
Have been to see Andrew and his wonderful father 3 times now. My last visit had my 4.2tdi patrol pull like a V8 on steroids after their magic fingers fixed the problems caused by another so called diesel shop. Each time I go there, has seen the patrol perform at peak. The tappet adjustment is magic! So smooth compared to Nissan's fat fingers!
Iro Iro
These guys are awesome! When we lived in Bowral they were the only people we would go too!
Tracy Hambling
You can expect and receive great service and sound advice,as I did recently when Berrima Diesel carried the fuel system service on the Maverick, the truck is starting better and running like a dream.
Simon Stewart
I've dealt with and known these guys for 20 odd years. If Andrew and his old man can't fix it then no one can. Thats why people from all over Australia come to Berrima to get their help.
Phill Nicholls
Hi guys,
I'm not sure if you would remember me but later last year I brought my brown 2011 MN Mitsubishi triton into the workshop for a few dyno runs to check the fuel consumption due to the ute having poor k's per tank and NCAT requesting independent testing etc.
Anyway, I finally traded in the triton after tribunal taking Mitsubishi’s side and now have a decked out ranger instead and couldn’t be happier.
I just renewed my 4wd action subscription and have one of your EDS scanners on the way, it reminded me to update you on what happened with the ute. If you guys read Overlander magazine you’ll see my ranger on the cover of one of the issues between 55-57, and also on the 4wd action dvd for issue 238.
Thanks again for all your help and advice, very much appreciated.
Thanks you guys. Reading through a lot of your website articles. I’ve managed to diagnose a few problems with my car. Just wanted to say top job! If I were up your way, I'd be your local customer. Looks like a previous owner has been there with your sticker on the back still.
Cheers guys
Ben Allison
Ben Allison
Hello Andrew, guys and girls. Just want to let you all know how happy I am with the work you did on my Patrol on the 2nd October 2013. Everyone was friendly and listened to what I had to say and ask.. The Patrol is now such a pleasure to drive after the 3"" exhaust and fuel/dyno service you did.. EGT's are nearly half what they used to be. And I estimate approx 13% better fuel economy too. I don't even notice hills on the freeway now!! Very impressed! Thankyou
Glenn Boyce
Vehicle type: GQ Patrol TD42
To Andrew. & Team at Berrima Diesel,
Thankyou for installing my Dts turbo & new 3” exhaust on the old Gq, very pleased, looking forward to towing up hills & overtaking now & not cursing hills.
Andrew your proffessional manner, expert advice & time to talk in these current times is invaluable & appreciated.
It’s great to have people still around in business who care about their customers.
Thankyou so much
Craig Curtis
Craig Curtis
Hi Andrew,
A big thank you to yourself, Jacqui and your technician (didn't get his name) for performing the fuel injection service on our Patrol today and producing amazing results. We were anxious to hit the road with our caravan in tow and found that the vehicle has been totally transformed to perform as well as far more modern and powerful vehicles. Hills that previously would have forced us back to third gear were easily taken at 90kph in fourth gear; simply amazing! It's also a lot quieter to travel in as well.
It will be interesting to see how our fuel consumption compares but it may be an unfair test as I find myself driving that much quicker and keeping up with the traffic.
While we are very happy with the job, we will be seriously considering the inter cooler upgrade proposal and will be in contact shortly.
Best regards,
Ian & Kerrie Gloster
Ian & Kerrie Gloster
Hi, the chip is working perfectly. The increase in power was of course instantly noticeable. After doing a couple of hundred klms today the fuel economy was always at 11.4 ltrs per 100 klms. It has now dropped to low 10s. The bit I like the most was the car even though it is only just 12 months old always lagged off the mark from a complete stop. Whether this was the fly by wire or turbo lag I’m not sure but it has now disappeared completely, the throttle response is now instant.
Do you think that there would be any more improvements by changing the exhaust system and fitting a snorkel? If so what would you recommend?
Once again thanks for your help with the installation of it and I look forward to any other advice that you have for me,

Vehicle type: Prado 150
Engine type: D4D
Hi there,
Many thanks to Reinhart for a great job on the Prado. I was complaining of poor fuel consumption (18+l/100Km) while towing a 2.5 ton van. After its service I towed the van back to Sydney and was very pleased with 13.8 l/100Km.
Mike Cust
Mike Cust
G'day there,
Wife and I had our 100 Series cruiser turboed by you in June, took it for a trip around the Great Ocean Rd and brought it back to you on the way back. We were unhappy with the performance and fuel consumption. It certainly didn't meet our expectations.
I don't know what you did to it when we brought it back but since then I couldn't be happier. It is very responsive now and doesn't lug like it used to do (pre turbo). Whilst we have generally been towing our camper trailer on the open road, I recently took it without camper to Mudgee and back to Sydney and got pretty much the best mileage I've ever had out of it - 8k's/ litre (generally 7.5 and 6-6.5 with camper).
And it's so enjoyable to drive.
I would reckon that you probably only hear from previous customers when they have a complaint, reckon you should also hear from people when they are really happy. We are very happy. It had 160,000 k's on the clock when you whacked the turbo on and I have no regrets at all (other than not doing it earlier).

Jim & Robyn Brock
Jim & Robyn Brock
Hey guys

I have just had a turbo fittrd to my 2005 100 series land cruiser by reinhard at berrima diesel.
I cant believe the extra power that the beast has now and fuel economy that I am getting while towing.
The absolute professionalism of these guys are second to none. I have been to a few different mechanics and none have impressed me as much as these guys. I live in melbourne and made the treck up there because of what I hear on your show.
I just wanted to say thanks so much . love the show and the stuff I have learnt from watching.
When you have a 4wd that costs so much it is good to know that there is someone like you guys that will always put you on the right track. Once again thanks so much for the recomendation.
Berrima Diesel really are the No 1 in diesel .

Cheers guys

Hi there,
I would like to acknowledge my complete satisfaction (so far) with the recent turbo charging and fuel service of my 1996 model 80 series Poverty Pack with 270K on the clock.
From the moment I drove out of your yard the improvement was evident. On the drive home it was obvious the engine was working no where near as hard as it had been.
At the 110 speed limit the engine was very smooth and ran effortlessly. Previously I had to push the engine to reach and sit on the speed limit which resulted in a noisy ride.
After driving around Sydney for a fortnight I continue to be impressed with the smooth running. As easy as driving my wife's Toyota Corolla. Several hills that I would normally be looking for third gear are now easily climbed in fifth.
I am looking forward to the next test when I take the caravan north next month.
The only down side is that my wife now says that because the engine is running so quietly she expects me to engage in conversation. A mate suggested I should turn the radio up.
The icing on the cake is that my grandson has pinched my Berrima Diesel cap!!!
One again, thank you. It has been money well spent.
Colin Flack
Colin Flack
Hell yeah , I have this, it's great , along with the chip, 3" exhaust and snorkel , big big difference!!
I just enjoyed driving the Landcruiser towing the caravan to Melbourne.
I was able to use cruise control most of the distance, and the increased power was very noticeable.
I make this trip frequently, and always am down to around 13 litres by the time I get to Wangaratta. This time, I arrived Wangaratta with 26 litres remaining! That's a saving of 13 litres, saving about $21.00 on the first leg. I expect the total savings over what I have experienced for the past 10 years with this vehicle of over $50.00 in fuel costs.
Thanks for a great job.
Wayne Morgan
I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your help and support with my car problem on Wednesday before Easter. You helped me get to Melbourne and my girls could enjoy their time with their cosines.
If it wasn't for your help, this trip may have been missed and I thank you ever so much. More making this possible.
Blue Range Rover, diesel. Got the new pipe in Melbourne and overcame the problem.
Thanks again.
Gary Reynolds
Thank the team for a job well done. It is a different vehicle and ran well. I should have visited Berrima Diesel years ago.
Jim Haack
I wish to sincerely thank Reinhard for his advice via mobile phone on my query on the noise I was experiencing with the turbo on my Troop Carrier. I discovered I had a loose clamp on the cross over pipe – I had forgotten I had undone this while working on replacing the timing belt. The response is true customer service for which you are to be commended.
I have another query – you don’t need to phone me email is fine. We have purchased a Winnebago Leisure Seeker on a 2001 a Mazda TM series with the 4 cylinder 4600 motor with an exhaust brake (still have the Troop Carrier) and are intending to tow our 5.2 metre fibreglass boat. Whilst the Mazda has pretty good power I think it could use a turbo to assist with the towing and overtaking. I would be certain that you are able to fit up a system that would work for us but would like a bit of information if possible – how long to fit, any exhaust changes, cost, where do we stay while unit is being worked on? All being well we would look at getting this done mid next year.
David Lomman
Just a quick note to thank you for the turbo and fuel system service done last week to my LC 105. The veh performed faultlessly on the way back to Wodonga and has a heap more power for the same amount of right foot pressure.
Stewart Fox
There is absolutely nothing Berrima Diesel doesn't know about diesel and turbos.
PhilNichols - Overlander